Keegan Doheney

When Keegan Doheney was 2 years old he was diagnosed with leukaemia.  Fortunately, Keegan’s doctors were able to get the leukaemia into remission, however his parents were aware there was the possibly he could relapse in the future.

While pregnant with her second child Keegan’s mum, Wendy, heard about the possibilities available to parents who banked their baby’s cord blood.  She saw the value of banking umbilical cord blood and decided to go ahead and book the service knowing the peace of mind it would give.  It proved to be an incredibly astute choice.

Unfortunately, Keegan relapsed and he needed a stem cell transplant to rebuild his immune and blood system after chemotherapy treatment.  The family were saved from the stressful experience of finding a suitable stem cell match as the cord blood saved from Keldan’s birth proved to be an ideal match for Keegan.  Due to the fact that Keegan had a match waiting for him in the Cord Blood Bank, he was able to commence treatment quickly.  The treatment was successful and Keegan has been healthy since.  The brothers have forged a strong bond and Keegan has gone on to excel at school, leading a healthy and active life.

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